14 Day Manicure Starter Kits


229.00 38.99

NEXT Day Delivery to Ireland and 2 Days to UK.  Comes in a beautiful Gift Box as seen in the Image.

Professional Nails from the comfort of your own home.

Complete UV Gel Nail Kit with Any 4 Gel Polishes, UV Lamp with Timer (Drys Nails in 2 minutes), Base + Top Coat, Remover, Accessories and Step-by-Step Instructions.

Your Starter Kit comes in a Gift Box as seen in Image.

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How to select your colours

  1. Click on a colour (below) to select your first colour choice.
  2. Click on the pink 'Colour 2' button to select your next colour choice. Repeat until you have selected all your colours.
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Adding a splash of colour, this UV lamp and gel nail set can give hands and feet a salon-style lift.  The UV lamp is powered by 36 watts to help nails dry, while gel polishes can be chosen from a shining collection of 100 shades, so nails can be matched to outfits.  Other extras include base & top coat, 4 Gel polishes, soak-off solution and Steel Cuticle Pusher, for a professional-looking finish.


  • NEXT Day Delivery to Ireland and 2 days to UK
  • Gel nail kit with soak-off Polish, designed to last up to 2 weeks.
  • Rich, decadent color
  • Lightning speed, 2 minute cure for UV or 30 seconds LED
  • Fast, polish-on application
  • Easy Removal
  • Select any 4 UV Gel Polish Colours

You Get

  • 36 Watt, four bulb UV Lamp, drys nails in 2 minutes.  Lamp has built in timer, (9 month warranty)
  • 4 UV Gel Polishes (10ml), Choose from a shining selection of over 150  shades
  • 1 Base Coat (10ml)
  • New Top Coat Express 10ml (with built in Cleanser)
  • 150ml Remover
  • 1, 7-Way Buffer File
  • Easy Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Steel Cuticle Pusher